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Episode 41: CRO Perspectives – Embracing a Value-Centric Approach

Ken Powell

Podcast Description

Can weaving value into the DNA of the seller and company have a big impact? Absolutely! 

In this episode, Thomas Pisello and April Morley interview Ken Powell, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at a FinTech and accounting software firm. They discuss the changes in the buying environment, the evolution of sales, the new role of sellers as change agents and the importance of weaving value into everything. 

They also touch on the challenges of scaling a founder-driven company and how this was made easier at K1x thanks to a great team and mindset, and the evolving future of the Chief Revenue Officer role.


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Sales has become quicker and faster, with many rote activities being automated.

Salespeople now need to be change agents, getting buyers and stakeholders to think differently.

The buying environment has become more complex, with more decision-makers involved.

Value needs to be woven into everything, quantifying the cost of change and the cost of no change.

The role of the Chief Revenue Officer is still evolving, but it should encompass full revenue management.

Sound Bites

“Everything’s quicker, faster today, as we all know. Like every function, I think as much of the rote activities that we can pull out of them are being automated today.”

“The salesperson is more of a change agent inside an organization, a facilitator of change, meaning that getting the buyer to think differently.”

“There’s an increase in buyer complexity and buying teams. A sales team member might be more focused on being a change agent, both for the client organization and for the organization that they work for.”


00:00   Introduction and Mission of the Podcast

00:56   Ken Powell’s Background and Start in Sales

05:11   Sales as Change Agents: Getting Buyers to Think Differently

08:21   The Complex Buying Environment: More Decision-Makers and Stakeholders

12:40   Weaving Value into Everything: Quantifying the Cost of Change

22:06   Advice for the Enterprise Value Collective Community

22:59   Closing Remarks and Call to Action

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